Wayne Morris, CEO

Wayne is the CEO of Wayne’s Service Plus. He started tinkering around automobiles at home when he was just a young kid helping his father who was also a mechanic. Wayne used to fix his friends bicycles and mini-bikes as he was growing up in Cranston.

He started his professional automotive career in 1981 working on Honda motorcycles and very shortly after that on Honda vehicles where he became a certified Honda Technician. He then worked on Acura vehicles and became a Certified Acura Technician.

In January of 1995 he started Wayne’s Service Plus because he wanted to service customers and their vehicles better than what he felt the dealers were.

Over time he became known as “The Honda Man” in Johnston and his business took off. He became a ASE Certified L1 Master Technician and a Certified RI Inspection Repair Technician. He moved his business to Providence and became a AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility. Business was doing well and continues to twenty two years later! He has to be doing something right!

Trish Cirelli, Service Manager

Trish is Wayne’s daughter. She has been interested in Wayne’s Service Plus since she started working for a living. She had wanted to be part of Dad’s operation for a number of years but there was no position available. When that position became available she applied. She was in training for the first year and learned a lot about the business end as well as the mechanical end of the business. Wayne impressed upon her that the customer is the boss and they need to be serviced as well as their vehicles. She does have a pretty good understanding of automotive repairs being Wayne’s daughter. Just recently she was teaching a young customer how to change a flat tire. In her own words “There are just some things that people need to know how to do in case of an emergency and it could save on the repair bills.”

Patricia graduated from Catherine Gibbs College with a degree in Criminal Justice. She is the mother of Wayne’s three grandchildren, a pair of twins and very recently another baby girl. She enjoys a good challenge. Helping with customers is a natural trait for her. She is very understanding to their needs and does all she can to take care of their needs and satisfy them.

Wayne is teaching her to run the shop the way he wants it run and he is overseeing the whole operation. She has brought Wayne’s Service Plus up to modern day standards and impressed Wayne doing so.

Karen, Bookkeeper

Karen is our bookkeeper here at Wayne’s Service. She started here in January of 2008. She is the one that keeps us on track with the government, you know, Uncle Sam! She is the one that pays the bills and deals with the payroll company. As you can see she is a very important person here at Wayne’s Service.

She does more than just book keeping. She also fills in on the front counter, makes estimates and answers the phone. She is a part-time employee but will fill in when needed and as needed. She also assists Wayne and Trish in making the right decisions for the business.

Karen and her fiancé Bob, also have their own business timing races such as 5 & 10 K’s This keeps them very busy over the course of the year.

They both enjoy boating on beautiful Narragansett Bay in their “new to them” power boat. Last year they hosted the shop summer outing on it. We all had a blast quahoging, swimming and enjoying each other’s company over a few drinks!

Viessna (Vee) Muth, Technician

Vee is the newest member of the Wayne’s team. He came to us pretty green and we are making a good technician out of him. He is learning “our” way of doing things and learning fast. He is our “C Technician”. He is the one doing a majority of the oil changes, checklists and other minor repairs and services. Every day he learns something. He will be taking his ASE Certification tests later this year.

Vee is a family man with a wife and young daughter who he cherishes. He loves hanging around spending time with his family.

Vee is also a sports lover; Football is his game of choice. The Philadelphia Eagles are his team. He also loves salt water fishing.

Mike Ormonde, Technician

Mike is Wayne’s Hybrid Specialist, top Diagnostic Technician and Team Leader. He has worked for Wayne’s Service for over seventeen years! A graduate of New England Technical College, Mike has over twenty years of experience working on Honda and Acura cars, with previous employment at a well-known local dealer. Mike is our “A technician” and a ASE Certified Master Technician with an L1 certification. He is a very thorough technician and his work is top-notch, getting to the root of any problem efficiently. When he is finished working on a vehicle, it is done!

Mike loves working on cars and trucks. This is evident by his toolbox and the tools in it. .He considers the Snap-on tool truck his candy store!

Recently married and a new home owner he enjoys life with his wife and pet dog Ozzy. This keeps him busy during his off duty time.

He enjoys performance vehicles and making them go fast. He has a Kawasaki motorcycle and a four wheeler ATV which is his favorite way to spend his off duty time in season. He also has an early model Toyota pick-up which he has modified for off road use. He loves the challenge of making performance modifications and the fabrication necessary to make these changes work.

Leo Colon, Technician

Leo started working for Wayne’s service as an apprentice in September of 2011. He apprenticed under his uncle Jorge who was also a great employee here at Wayne’s. Leo has learned a lot and continues to learn even now. He thoroughly understands how things work and how to fix it right! Our shop foreman is his mentor and they work well as a team on the more sophisticated jobs. He takes great pride in his work! He has worked his way up the ladder to being our “B Technician.”

Leo is a family man with a wife and two beautiful children. He came to RI from Puerto Rico where he grew up with his Dad, Mom, sister and brother. In his off time he likes shot pool and dominoes. His favorite hobby is Playing with his kids though!