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5 Star Rating
Gregory Todd from providence on 10/2/2021 for an auto service of their 2000 Subaru Legacy Wagon and their testimonial is:


"I have taken my Subaru 2000 Legacy for several repair jobs at Wayne’s Service Plus, and I have always been happy with their work. They seem to know their business! A hearty thank you!"
5 Star Rating
Jacqueline from on 10/1/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Friendly and helpful"

"They are so helpful and friendly, Caitlin is always so happy and pleasant. She really cares about her customers"
5 Star Rating
Maria Zambarano from rehobeth on 9/23/2021 for an auto service of their 2009 Acura TL and their testimonial is:

"The best!"

"They are the best!!!!"
5 Star Rating
Crystal Davis from darlington on 9/10/2021 for an auto service of their 2014 Hyundai Azera and their testimonial is:

"The Best"

"The same thing that I told customers in the waiting room pre-pandemic: I’ve been a customer for over 20 years. I genuinely appreciate an email with results from their standard 52-point check, complete with pictures of my vehicle as proof. When it comes to repairs, Wayne has been crazy enough to pull out discarded parts to educate me and quench my curiosity. Best of all, they believe me when I’ve told them that something is off with my car’s performance before it reports a code. On my most recent visit on 9/9/21, when it was discovered that the model tires I needed replaced were not longer available, they found a slightly better tire and saved me $100 with a different brand in the process. How often does that happen?"
5 Star Rating
Jan Muzzi from north providence on 8/14/2021 for an auto service of their 2011 Nissan Murano and their testimonial is:

"Great care and service"

"Always happy with my service at Wayne's."
5 Star Rating
Jan muzzi from north providence on 6/12/2021 for an auto service of their 2011 Nissan Murano and their testimonial is:


"You get premier service from Wayne’s. You know exactly what is going on with your vehicle and can make informed decisions about your service issues."
5 Star Rating
Jeannine Dugas from cumberland on 6/12/2021 for an auto service of their 2005 Honda Pilot and their testimonial is:


"Extremely thorough and transparent in their diagnosis and recommendations."
5 Star Rating
Auger Eric J. from on 5/9/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:


"THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!! Trish and the entire team consistently exceed our expectations whenever we need maintenance and repair."
5 Star Rating
HL from on 5/6/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Quality Care"

"You want someone you can trust and count on- service at Wayne’s does just that! They don’t miss a thing- pictures of your vehicle thru a Curtsey check don’t lie. They have the best warranty’s. Your dissatisfied with anything Trish will make sure you will be! Always happy to service your vehicle and get to the problem."
5 Star Rating
Anonymous from on 4/11/2021 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Phenomenal service"

"They do a quality job and are very professional"

Reviews from Google

5 Star Rating
Annalisa Oswald from 09/04/2021:
"Wayne’s Service Plus is an awesome, family-run business. Great customer service. Excellent work. Highly recommend!"
5 Star Rating
Jensen Serrano86 from 05/06/2021:
"Very happy with the work they did on my car I will come back again to finish what is missing from my car I recommend them"
4 Star Rating
Kathryn Morrison II from 09/24/2021:
"So I took my car here 6 weeks ago to get some work done and unfortunately the radiator went. Come to find out, the part was bad. Trish went out of her way to ensure I had a loaner car as she went to find a different brand of radiator for a replacement. Just to be sure, Wayne’s replaced the thermostat as well. Thank you for making the job right."
5 Star Rating
Lisa Niebels from 08/17/2021:
"Excellent service, great value for money, on time, estimates accurate, excellent communication skills."
1 Star Rating
Tran Dao from 10/07/2021:
"I went to Wayne service plus few months ago to change the oils for my Kia Soul They was very nice to checked up and listed thing my car have to fix but I was prefer just change the oils They told me nicely that they needed change the light bulbs because safety and can’t let’s me go with out change So I did with them 6 months until I just inspected my car difference place he told me 3 head light is no light bulbs there I came back to talk with Wayne service asking what they can do They said they can give me the bulbs back ( old and new they still keep for me) They knew there mistake but No contact to fix and until now I got done and different place they even don’t want refund either No heart of business. Don’t trust them Lied and just money, horrible customer service Not worse even 1 star"