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5 star rating
Garret M from on 10/8/2019 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Great care and service"

"Above average"
5 star rating
Raquel Diaz from providence on 9/29/2019 for an auto service of their 2009 Kia Sportage and their testimonial is:


"Wonderful! I know very little about cars and Megan and Trish made sure to answer all my questions and even give me advice on things that were more urgent and things that could wait a bit longer. I've had very bad experiences in the past and now I felt like I was in the right place with trustworthy people. The car is doing great and I'll be sure to be back"
5 star rating
Dorn from on 8/31/2019 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Well done"

"Work was done well and on time."
5 star rating
Marty Ames from providence on 8/29/2019 for an auto service of their 2012 Toyota Prius c and their testimonial is:

"Great service"

"This is a reliable facility that does good work and treats its customers nicely."
5 star rating
Bob Gould from providence on 8/24/2019 for an auto service of their 2009 Honda Civic and their testimonial is:

"Highly recommend"

"Great communications !"
5 star rating
Jennifer Santos from manville on 8/9/2019 for an auto service of their 2013 Hyundai Sonata and their testimonial is:


"I love Wayne's I was told about Wayne's by two co-workers and decided to take my car. Wayne's is the best mechanic shop I have been thus far. Wayne's care about their customers. They are trusting and tell you the truth about your car. I have been to other shops and mechanic's would tell me and my parents that we need to fixed a part when I did not need to. It feels refreshing to finally find a place that cares about their customers and the work they do. I have been going to Wayne's since August 2018 when I bought my Car. I love you guys and all the hard work you do. My parents and I always talk highly about Trish, Megan and the mechanic Techs. God Bless."
5 star rating
Don D from on 8/2/2019 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Very satisifed"

"Exceptional, better than any dealership customer service experience."
5 star rating
~ALEX from on 8/1/2019 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:


"~They Were FAST, PERSISTENT, And Continually Keeping Me Informed As To Every Discovery/Quote, Prior To Taking Any Action, And I Was Msg.d Photo Images Of The Worn Parts, Verifying The Necessary Repair(s) ~And For The Amount Of Required Work Needed, It Was Handled With Dispatch, For An Expected Reasonable Rate, , , Subsequent To The Laborious Repair, They Were One Step Ahead Of Me When I Inquired About Making A Return, And Had Made A Day Available To Me Before I Could Even Say Anything (The/My) Car, Was Released To Me With A Care Package, And Fully Cleaned, Just Short Of A Complete Detail... (And They Kept Contact Assuring There Were No Failures/And I Walked/Drove, Away With Parts And Labor All Under Warranty, Feeling A Bit Of Security - And With A $100.00 Dollars For This Review, LOL! :D Ha,Ha,Ha, I'm Only Kidding, , , Honestly, They Did Such A GREAT, One Step At A Time, Not Missing Anything At All Kind Of Job, That For The First Time In My Life, I Wrote Out A Review, , , WAYNE's Is Definitely The Direction To Go, I Picked My Car Up With Things Working That Never Worked When I Bought The Car, I Was Actually Laughing Out Loud, I Wanted To Call Them, And Write A Review On The Spot, I Had To Contain Myself, Because I Didn't Want To Prematurely (A Hour Later) Say All That Transpired, And Speak Of All Their Successes, And The Car Shuts Down, So I Waited Ample Time, , , So Now You KNOW What I'm Saying Is CLEAR & Accurate, So Do Trust, That WAYNE's Is Capable Of The Simple To The Intricate, They Won't Fail You At All, They Won't Turn You Away Saying The Repair Is Too Hard, Nor Too Small.. ~You'll Definitely Be Overly Satisfied, And Impressed With Their Detailed Finds, They Make Sure Their Scope Is Wide, And If You Say It's A Go, They'll Make Sure It's Complete Before It's Released To Drive, And They Won't Stop Until You're Satisfied, And Your Car Is Running Right! (I Felt Like I Was Driving A CAR Right From The Dealership/Overwhelmingly HAPPY, Excited, And With Surprises! : )"
5 star rating
Lucas Ilidan from pawtucket on 7/11/2019 for an auto service of their 2005 Honda Civic and their testimonial is:

"Friendly and helpful"

"Employee's are all helpful"
5 star rating
Mitchell Gregoire from north providence on 7/3/2019 for an auto service of their 1998 Mazda B-Series and their testimonial is:

"Great care and service"

"Stellar service in every respect."

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